10 Ideas for Genuine Work at Home Jobs

Woman working at home

Who wants to lounge around in a bathrobe at home while working? Highly unlikely but these 10 genuine work at home jobs yield great new opportunities to explore

In today’s tough economy, finding jobs that help pay the bills can be problematic. Working a second job can be very time consuming and the pay required to make ends meet may not be enough to even justify the time and expense of working another outside job. Many people have turned to the internet to find jobs at home instead.

Here are 10 of the best work at home jobs that you can find on the internet. These jobs run the gamut from working with reputable companies to freelance work. Here is a good sample of they type of work at home jobs you can find and earn extra money.

Run your own Business

The most obvious and popular way to make money online is to run your own home-based business. There are literally thousands of different types of businesses you can run to earn extra cash.

Call Center Rep

This is one of the more common jobs that can be worked from home. You will need the appropriate equipment and software as well to perform your job. While lounging about in your bathrobe answering calls may sound nice, you will probably have to work odd hours and plenty of holidays as well. The pay is pretty good and today more companies are using at home workers to address customer questions and complaints.


Have you been a teacher before? If you have the training, you can either teach individuals as tutors or classes as a remote teacher from home. You can work for different companies or on your own depending on your contacts.

Medical Transcriptionist

The health care profession is becoming more pronounced as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement. You can offer your services as a medical transcriptionist to take some of the workload away from medical staff that otherwise would be stuck filling out paperwork. The opportunities are plenty and you will need some training, but the hours and pay can be well worth the effort.

Tech Support

Similar in work to the Call Center Rep, as a Tech Support specialist you will be trained by the company to answer specific questions from either customers or fellow workers about the details of putting together items, how to fix problems with equipment or even general knowledge questions as well. Like Customer Service Reps you will usually work odd hours and the pay is often somewhat less for at home work than if you were at the company itself. But it is still a good paying position.


If you can speak another language, you can work as a translator at home. As a translator you can work on translating materials in your own language to a foreign one and back again. This can be done while working for a company or freelance as well. It’s also important if you know how to fully read a foreign language as well to help in scripting translations.

Travel Agent

The internet has allowed travel agents to now work from home. No office, no meeting customers in person. Just find the right travel package for them and earn money.

Web Developer

Are you good at designing websites? If so, becoming a web developer can earn you lots of extra money all from the comfort of home. As a web developer, you can work for another company but many developers freelance their skills to the public which can be even more profitable. If you are just starting out, you can join a web development team and then branch out on your own once you feel comfortable.

Virtual Assistant

If you have a particular set of skills, you can offer them as an assistant to different companies by working from home. This particular job actually has larger companies that you work for who then assign you to businesses that are in the field to fill in for a worker who may be on vacation or otherwise not on the job. This can be quite rewarding both personally as well as financially depending on your set of skills.


This is one of the most common jobs on the internet. As a writer you can actually start by taking freelance writing jobs that pay a little for each article, which is usually writing content for websites. If you are a talented writer you can advance to writing for higher pay work and even you own materials as well. Some freelance writers can actually make $50 per hour or more by writing press releases, copywriting and other work for companies either locally or on the other side of the world.

A word of caution. If you wish to explore any work at home job opportunities keep in mind that the income derived is genuine and thereby taxable. You must declare your earnings to your local tax authorities. In the US, the W-2 Form is a great tool to help you with this.