5 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Attract top talent to your company

There’s no question that the talent is out there, though getting them to come to you can sometimes seem like an impossible task. How do you attract top talent?

If you run a company one of the most important factors to consider is what kind of employees you want to attract. If you put an ad out saying you’re hiring you will attract loads of applications. That’s a fact. But out of every hundred people that apply there are probably only two that are really worth investing in. Having a top pool of talent is essential for success, but how do you become a magnet for great employees on a budget? There’s no question that the talent is out there, though getting them to come to you can sometimes seem like an impossible task – especially when you have to wade through oceans of potential employees before you find them.

1. Clearly lay out your expectations during the interview

If you’ve narrowed down your search by going through the best CVs you have, then it’s time to set up interviews. Make sure that you don’t even consider hiring someone unless they absolutely bowl you over. Don’t be kind, don’t be swayed – clearly define the type of person you want working for you and if you don’t find a person who meets those exact standards – don’t waste your time with them.

2. Make people want to work for your company

All of the progressive and hugely popular companies succeeding today have got one thing in common – they don’t have to search for people because people come to them. Instead of having to scour online for the best applicants, these companies have potentials going out of their way to send in thoughtful, original and smart applications that help them stand out from the rest. If you already have a company culture that appeals to people, and if others speak highly about it – people will come to you.

3. Reward your best employees well

By maximizing on the brilliant employees you already have, you’re one step closer to laying a solid foundation for your company to be one of the best out there. If the top talent in your company is in a position to create change and spread their influence, they will be likely to attract other top talent too.

4. Put out a creative ad for employment

Instead of putting out a standard ad asking people to apply for a job at your company – why not try using a creative application process to draw people to your company. Request a video application, or ask them to send in the solution to a problem, for example.


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Ben Goodman is working for a company which offers many different jobs in Johannesburg. He also ocasionally writes articles about business and recruitment.