Rules for Using Technology in Your Job Hunt

Rules for Using Technology in Your Job Hunt

It’s no longer necessary to physically print off your resume and mail it in to potential employers. With a number of different applications available, you can prepare your resume, customize it, and send it out to dozens of employers in a single day. However, it’s important to bear in mind certain rules so that you don’t inadvertently ruin your chances of getting that interview.

Send Yourself a Copy of the Resume

If you are using a resume application service, make sure that you send yourself a copy. Send the copy to another system entirely. Then open it, and review it. When you do this, you will be able to tell whether the resume will come through. Corrupted files, distorted fonts, and more often occur. When an employer receives a distorted resume, he is not going to try to make it work. He will not generally go through and find a separate program to open it. He will just discard it.

Check It on a Mobile Device if You Can

A growing number of recruiting services have started using mobile applications. These apps make it easier than ever to send out a resume. However, they can cause even more problems with your formatting if you don’t follow the instructions precisely. The most common problem comes in line breaks and fonts. Make sure that you check to see how the sent file looks on a mobile device if it is going to be read on a mobile device.

Never Rely Solely on Spell Check

Spell check has led to many people assuming that their documents are completely free from errors. However, spell check does not catch everything. Some words like “there” and “their” can be spelled correctly but be used improperly without triggering the signal. Company names and people’s names are two other common areas for mistakes. Just because most everyone spells Smith with an “I” does not mean that this potential employer does. He may spell it with a “y.”

Whenever you prepare a resume, you need to make sure that you go over it and check for spelling and grammar errors. Always double check names. According to MSN Careers, the most common non-substantive reason that employers will discard a resume is when the potential employee does not spell the names correctly. It is seen as a sign of sloppiness and inattention to detail.

Do Not Use Images

Unless you are applying for a job in graphic design or some other artistically based business, you should not include images. It can be tempting to rely on logos and face shots to set yourself apart from the pack. However, if it is not requested, do not include images. They can cause tremendous problems such as corrupting the total file or making the file too big. If you absolutely must include images, make sure that the software you use specifically supports images.

Consider a Hard Copy Just in Case

If there is a job that you particularly want, consider sending it by mail as well. It is just another way to get noticed without getting your resume thrown out. It is also a better way to send a more artistic resume.