Social Media Marketing 2013 And Its 5 Takeaways

Social Media Marketing 2013 And Its 5 Takeaways

5 takeaways of Social Media Marketing 2013 show the most important points you should concentrate on while doing online marketing for your business.

The social media has tremendously grown to form an important part of business marketing that can no longer be taken for granted. It has become a center where millions of people from all over the world get connected to each other and therefore making it easier to create and achieve your particular brand awareness through the forum. The community of the social media now organizes various conferences that bring together several social media experienced personnel who share their success tips and facts about social media marketing approaches. The value of relevant content at these conferences is amazing and the lessons learnt are handy for prospering in the field of social media marketing.

In the conference of Social Media Marketing 2013, a lot of information was shared and here are my top 5 takeaways from the event.

Importance of Content

As from this year’s social media marketing forum, the most important aspect about social media that is to be given a greater weight is the kind of content relayed to the public. Content is the most crucial part of brand promotion and should be made to be relevant and timely. This implies that you cannot just produce low quality content and distribute it to different social media with the expectation of achieving your social media marketing goals and objectives. The content you produce should be informative for your audience to get attracted in it. The content should be oriented on a subject that will interest the social media audience the most. So content plays a crucial role in the success of a brand marketing strategy that’s why it should be used effectively on various social media platforms.


In social media marketing, networking is very crucial and should be prioritized. Personal connection with different people should be encouraged and contacts well managed for future use. The social media marketing 2013 leading marketers insist that successful social media marketers are those who consider connecting with people from all over the world. Lucky enough, nowadays there are many social media and entertainment platforms that you can use to network. For instance, you can buy views on YouTube and distribute videos of your product worldwide. However, networking on such sites relies on the number of views that you have. That’s why in case of YouTube it is important to get more YouTube views and therefore to widen your network.


So many times we forget to appreciate our customers and employees who made our social marketing strategies successful. Take some time to thank your customers for their loyalty; take some time to thank your network fans and promoters and they will always look forward to promoting your brand.

Creation of advocacy program

Once you have created a business brand, you should aim at attracting more loyal customers and create a platform where your customers can review the product and leave testimonials. The information about your brand should be shared digitally and advocates recruited to your course.

Build authentic community

Your networking should lead you to building a working and healthy community that incorporates different people. The community should focus on providing care, handling concern and providing relevant service.

If these 5 takeaways are taken into consideration the business will definitely succeed. Social media marketing requires attention to establishing social networks and communities that help promote your brand or product. Content relayed throughout the promotion should be of high quality and relevant. Only in this case your business will bring the desired results.


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