Relocating With Your Work Doesn’t Have To Mean An Endless Supply Of Hamburgers And Wrinkled Shirts

Relocating With Your Work Doesn't Have To Mean An Endless Supply Of Hamburgers And Wrinkled Shirts

Anyone who has had experience of being relocated to a different city with their work knows that this can be a pretty horrendous time if you don’t do it right. Sure, it sounds great when you get offered a decent pay rise and the chance to live somewhere else. What could go wrong?

Well, living out of a suitcase in a hotel room for a few months can quickly drain any fun out of the relocation, especially if you are moving to your new place of work with a young family. Thankfully there is another option open to you now, with the availability of good value serviced apartments in Northampton, Milton Keynes and other UK towns and cities. So what are the benefits of staying in one of these apartments instead of a hotel room?

Eat Better Food

We all enjoy eating out now and then but would you want to do it for every single meal? Living in a hotel for months on end will mean existing on a diet of supermarket sandwiches and hamburgers. Even if you hate cooking you will soon find yourself longing for the chance to get hold of a saucepan and make some pasta or soup. Apart from piling on a bit of extra weight you will probably find that you get fed up with eating this kind of food all the time. Once you finally move into your new home you will probably head straight to the kitchen to make a rocket and aubergine salad or something fresh and healthy. On the other hand, if you stay in a serviced apartment in Northampton or wherever you go then you can keep on eating in the same way as before.

More Space and Less Hassle

The first couple of nights in a hotel room are fantastic, aren’t they? If you are anything like me then you first of all make a running leap onto the bed (just to test its quality, of course) You then open and close all of the drawers in the room to see what it in them and then check out the miniature bathroom supplies, which never fail to grab your attention. Then you spot the mini bar and realise that at some point you will fall into the late night trap of unwrapping a hideously overpriced Kit Kat or finally succumbing to the expensive charms of that little bottle of a drink you would never normally touch.

Sadly, this child-like excitement won’t last long. After a few days you will be fed up of being cramped in a tiny space with all of your stuff crammed into suitcases and bags. Even getting ready for work in the morning will be a hassle, as all of your work clothes are crumpled up inside your suitcase and you need to remove a few pair of shoes and an electric kettle before you can find your underwear. In a long stay apartment you can feel at home and live in the way you normally would.

Get Off to a Great Start at Work

The most important aspect of all is how you get settled into your new job. After all, if this doesn’t go well then you might end up having to go back home again. Eating badly, wearing crumpled clothes and generally being cranky and fed up isn’t going to help you enjoy your early days there. However, if you feel right at home from the very first day then you are far more like to enjoy your new job and make a smooth transition into life in your new home town.


Steven Capocci is a worker who has moved town various times in the past. He discovered that using the likes of serviced apartments in Northampton makes the transition a lot easier.