How To Begin Freelancing To Quit Your Job

How To Begin Freelancing To Quit Your Job

Don’t quit your day job until you are sure freelancing is right for you. We share a few ideas on maintaining your job while starting your own business.

The internet has allowed many people with talents to express themselves as well as show off their work to potentially gain a job and start developing an income. Ultimately, beginning freelancing is like running your own business. Depending on how you structure it, it can turn into a business.

However, still maintaining your day job and handling other responsibilities can be difficult when trying to figure out how to fit in any freelancing work into your schedule without quitting your day job.

Don’t Quit Your Job, Yet!

People get an idea, and go with it. However, in this situation, quitting your job cold turkey is never a good idea. Don’t just wake up one morning, quit your job and begin your journey. Instead get started on your freelance gigs while maintaining your daily job.

Freelancing behaves differently with everyone, and it may not be the right thing for you. This will be a great way to start out and test it out while still be secured by your regular job.

Work on The Weekends

If you go to work daily and spend most of your time at your job, it’s most likely that you want your weekends to yourself, to do what you want and enjoy your free time. However, drifting from a day job to being a freelancer, and essentially operating your own business, involves some sacrificing.

However, if you don’t have time to fit in any work during the week, whether it is dealing with clients, establishing your business, or tedious business tasks, handle it on the weekend. It’s not fun working on weekends, but if you keep it up, remember, one day you won’t have to!


Promoting yourself while still maintaining your day job is important. If you take care of all the important and marketing aspects of your business now, you won’t have you worrying about it later.

As you promote your business and reach out to potential clients, you will be able to see the potential work lining up for you. Before making the decision to quit your job you will know whether you have found your audience and market or not.

Make sure you start out slow first and develop an understanding of whether or not your ideas will succeed, whether or not there is a market to target and if so, how will you target them. Testing the waters won’t leave you broke and will give you the opportunity to be secure.


Robert is a proud business owner. His journey to self employment began in the year of 2007, after seeing much success in his first year alone, and Robert decided to create a company. After much branding and marketing, he lead his company to success. He keeps an active profile on Enthuse and his companys’ blog.