5 Easy Ways To Promote A Business

5 Easy Ways To Promote A Business

Starting up a new business can be one of the most challenging tasks to face, yet it can also be thoroughly rewarding.

But how do you make it a success? The key to understanding how to promote a business lies in understanding your target market. Taking the example of a new opticians business, you can follow this simple guide for some top tips on promoting your business.

1.    Social Media

When it comes to promoting a business, one of the most important ways to do this is to create social network accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social media sites, allowing visitors to share, ‘like’, ‘follow’ and comment on anything you post. When writing posts or ‘tweets’, you can advertise your discounts or offers, simply by writing a few sentences and it is instantly shared with your followers. Remember to follow other relevant companies, for example, for an opticians company, you would follow other businesses in the optical industry, designer brands and perhaps some groups relating to eye health. Following others encourages them to follow you back and you may come across some great, relevant posts to share on your page.

2.    Leafetting/Flyering

It may seem basic, but handing out leaflets in popular high street areas can be a simple but effective way of promoting a business. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a promotions company to staff the project for you, it can be a great way of drawing attention to a company. Try designing a leaflet clearly showing your current offers or details with some eye-catching imagery. People are much less likely to throw away a leaflet which could offer them a discount. It’s always better to create an exciting brand image when leafleting so make sure you dress smartly, perhaps in your company’s colours. Leafletters in ordinary clothes are unlikely to be taken seriously.

3.    Blogging

Adding a blog section to your site can be a great way to create a friendly, welcoming brand image to encourage people to share your stories and news. For example, for an optician’s blog it would be a good idea to blog about recent optical fairs or exciting new designer ranges. You can also blog about new celebrity styles with plenty of accompanying imagery to keep things interesting. Avoid long essays for blog posts, short tit-bits are much more successful.

4.    Send out products for review

Many fashion and beauty bloggers accept free products for them to review on their site. As you browse the internet, try contacting a few blog owners to offer them a sample of your product. If they accept, the blogger will write a post about the product which will be shared with all their followers.

5.    Set up at a trade show

Trade shows are an ideal way to meet and greet other business owners and to promote your business to new potential customers. The one downside to this is that it can be expensive to hire a plot and set up your stall. You will find that it soon becomes a battle of who can play the loudest music and display the skinniest models to promote a product. It’s a great idea to spend some time thinking carefully about your brand image. Do you want it to be classy? Fun and fresh? When you’ve decided, you can consider setting up an area which will invite visitors to take a closer look.

Consider assembling some goody bags for passers-by who will remember the freebies they receive. Remember to brand everything with a clear logo to make an impact.

Follow this simple guide for some quick ideas about how to promote a young business.

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Victoria is a writer for the optical industry for glasses supplier, Direct Sight.