Jobs In Philosophy

Jobs In Philosophy

We take a closer look at the available jobs opportunities you can pursue with a degree in philosophy

Most people aspire to attend college at some point in their lives. Not only is college great fun but earning a degree is an investment in your future as well. It may even open doors to a career you may love. That being said you need to put some thought into what you want to major in. Researching available jobs before you decide is a great way to start. We have looked at jobs with a degree in history and sociology; now let’s look at a degree in philosophy.

While it is true liberal art degrees get a bad rap there are actual many jobs available with a philosophy degree. This degree can involve some pretty heavy thinking and reading so it isn’t for everyone but for those who do, it can be rewarding.  Philosophy involves the study of logic while asking questions about life, morals and what it means to be human.  Students develop critical thinking skills as well as becoming proficient writers. Both of which skills can be applied to many different jobs. Here are some.


Obviously a career in journalism involves excellent writing and communication skills as you cover local news stories.  Part of the appeal of this job is learning to write for a wide range of audiences. A philosophy degree fosters the critical thinking and persuasive writing skills needed to be a successful journalist. You will also be able to analyze problems, write from multiple view points and perspectives, and carry out research. A minor in media or journalism is also helpful here.

Public Relations

Public relations is another field that requires excellent communication skills. You may deal with clients ranging from:  government, non-profit organizations, small and large businesses and high profile people like actors. You will be required to foster a relationship with your client and publicly communicate their message. In essence you are the go-between for your client and the public. You also help to maintain and craft their public image.


Just like history and English majors, many philosophy majors go on to earn a law degree. Liberal art majors, especially philosophy, have some of the highest law school acceptance rates. Philosophy majors learn how to construct arguments, analyze problems and situations while communicating about them clearly, all of which are incredibly important to a lawyer. Most philosophy programs incorporate programs such as Philosophy of Law and Politics as well as Moral Philosophy, giving you an early edge on law school.

Many philosophy majors also go on to earn a postgraduate degree as well. Check with online PhD programs for available classes.


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