Personal Development to Enhance Quality of Life and Employability

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In order to get others to respect you, you would need to cultivate a high sense of self confidence. Self confidence comes about as a result of personal development.

When you take the pains to engage in activities and programs that promote your talent and increase the knowledge and skill you possess, you would be helping to improve yourself and by that grow your self esteem as well. There are a host of benefits that are associated with personal development. Individuals who engage in personal development activities and programs become more employable than those who do not pay attention to personal development.

This is due to the fact that these activities and programs will equip the individual with the skills and knowledge employers require. Employers are constantly looking for creative thinkers to add to their workforce. Once an individual demonstrates such high standards, employers would be all over the place in a bid to secure the services of such a person. However, such skills and knowledge are only achievable if the individual embarks on a personal development agenda.

How to go about the scheme of personal development

The activities that make up the personal development program for an individual can be formal or informal. The formal program is institutionalized and refers to the programs, techniques and mode of assessment that are all aimed at helping to build an individual’s qualities. The formal program may be achieved in the classroom setting or it may take place within the organization in which the person works.

A lot of factors come together to form an extensive list of activities that account for personal development at the individual level. The individual is expected to draw up a personal goal for him or herself but even more important, the person has to take measures to ensure that he or she is able to achieve these goals.

When personal development is well accomplished, it leads to wealth, good health, improved self esteem, spiritual development, talent creation and a fulfilled life on the part of the individual. The attendant result is the trickling of these benefits to the rest of the society. Personal development has a wholesale benefit on all of us.

Personal development goes beyond taking measures that will only help to improve one’s own qualities. It involves aiming at helping to bring out the very best in others around us. This can be achieved by mentoring those around us or by acting as teachers when we possibly can.

Personal assessment

Since the personal development program involves a scheme of work, it is important to verify if these schemes are actually working. For personal development to be effective, the individual must objectively assess him or herself in order to determine if progress is being made or not. Assessments may be carried out using the individual’s own personal standards or be comparing the progress made to an external benchmark. Whatever mode of validation the person may decide to employ, it is important that he or she abides by the agreed upon standard.


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