Top 5 Books to Kickstart Your MBA

Top 5 Books to Kickstart Your MBA

Here are 5 business books that provide inspiration, information and reference material to supplement your MBA studies.

There are hundreds of business books providing inspiration, information and reference material to supplement your MBA studies. But the books listed below are more than just a collection of facts and theories. Several are well-established classics in the business field. All five are valuable additions to your business reference library.

It all starts with personal development

Entering a competitive MBA program is a lot like merging from a quiet neighborhood street onto a busy freeway. Preparing yourself by optimizing your organizational skills can help you effectively direct the traffic of your life. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen provides both core principles and proven specific strategies to improve personal and business productivity. Allen offers project management skills to help keep long-term projects on track, and suggests s system to clear your in-box every Friday afternoon.

Marketing fuels the bottom line

Whether you’re marketing yourself via resume to a prospective employer or marketing your company’s product to the world, creativity and effectiveness are essential components of the marketing mix. “Guerilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson revolutionized small business marketing when it was first published in 1983. The latest edition [Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business] includes updates on internet marketing, podcasting, and automated marketing with tested strategies that emphasize creativity and effectiveness without breaking the marketing budget.

Understand corporate culture

Both the American Marketing Association and the prestigious Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management recognize Robert Townsend’s “Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits (J-B Warren Bennis Series)“as one of the top business books of all time. As the leader who created Avis’ famous “We’re number two. We try harder.” slogan, Townsend offers practical, hard-hitting observations on corporate culture in an entertaining and often humorous style. The latest edition includes essays by other business leaders who worked with Townsend.

Create your own opportunity in small business

Every year, a million small businesses are started in the United States. “Growing a Business
by Paul Hawken emphasizes taking your personal ideas and developing a unique successful business that no one else could duplicate. With examples such as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Patagonia, and Palo Alto, California’s University National Bank, he illustrates success principles that can be developed into a successful small business venture.

“I might not know the formula, but I know where to find it…”

Formulas, ratios and rules of thumb are a constant in the business environment. The latest edition of the “The Vest-Pocket MBA: Fourth Edition” collects these common reference needs in a single volume which encompasses the fields of accounting, break-even analysis, business law, capital budgeting, finance, international trade, investment evaluation and risk minimization.

As you pursue your MBA, you will discover a wide variety of books to reference again and again. From text books and case studies to biographies and financial references, you will find inspiration as well as information. Whether you implement David Allen’s 43 Folders plan to organize the flow of paperwork in your life or use guerrilla marketing tactics to turn your senior internship into a full-time job, these five books can make a powerful difference in your life as an MBA student.

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