Is LinkedIn Efficient for Job Seekers?

Is LinkedIn Efficient for Job Seekers

Using Linkedin to look for jobs?

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for job seekers. Your LinkedIn Profile works as an online resume, which you can show to anyone who has LinkedIn. You may also publish your profile publicly so that anyone who googles your name can find you. Your connections on LinkedIn can connect you to countless professionals who may all help you further your career. You can also meet former colleagues and long-time friends!

LinkedIn is a very efficient way to find a job. It is not the only way to find a job, but it works as a great tool. LinkedIn is the closest thing to face-to-face networking. LinkedIn allows its users to display profile photos of themselves. It also allows users to introduce each other to their connections and to share statuses, articles, and job postings on the home page feed, for all their connections to see. Connections are people that you add to your circle on LinkedIn. On Facebook, these people are called “Friends.” On LinkedIn, connections can be friends, but they can also be coworkers, managers, colleagues, and acquaintances.

LinkedIn has many features for job seekers. There is an option to search for jobs directly on the site. You may even set up an email job alert for jobs tailored to your resume or keywords you are looking for. Another great feature is the Company feature. You may look up a company’s profile directly on LinkedIn and follow the company as it posts new jobs. Company profiles can show you who works for that company, their titles, and the major area where they live. This allows you to find connections that might help you land your next position. It may also help you find long lost friends at a company where you used to work.

The Groups feature is also excellent. If you are a sales professional looking to connect to more sales people, you may join a sales group on LinkedIn. Groups are a great way to connect with others, share ideas, and find answers to your questions about a certain industry. Group members can also choose to allow members to send messages to each other for free. This is a great way to connect and meet new people to grow your career network. There are groups for job industries, school alumni, ethnic backgrounds, etc.

Another great feature on LinkedIn is Job Seeker Premium. This service allows you to upgrade your profile. You may wish to display a little icon on the top your profile showing that you are looking for a new position. This service is not free, but it does give you more perks than the regular free account. LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium allows you to send a 5-15 InMail messages to people who are outside your web of connections. If you do not receive a response from someone, LinkedIn allows you to send an extra message over time. Also, LinkedIn Job Seeker premium brings your profile to the top of a recruiter’s search list. This will help you get noticed.

In my own personal experience, I have been contacted by recruiters from LinkedIn more readily than any other online networking site. It’s a great service and a strong tool for any job seeker today.

This has been a Guukle guest post by Laura Pierson