4 Effective Ways To Ensure Long-Term Job Security

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With some simple steps, you can make it much less likely that your name will crop up when the next round of redundancies is being discussed….

Making sure that you hang onto your job is something that almost everyone will worry about at some stage in their working life, yet there really is no need to be too stressed about it. With some simple steps and a little thought, you can make it much less likely that your name will crop up when the next round of redundancies is being discussed.

Flexibility and Willingness

One of the ways in which you can make yourself more likely to retain your position is to increase your flexibility and overall value to the company. Make sure that when training courses are on offer, you put your name down and attend. If there are certificates and qualifications on offer, then sign up for them. This not only shows a willingness to improve performance, it also demonstrates a commitment to develop and grow as a worker, rather than just be a wage-collecting cog in a machine. Sensible employers will value this kind of contribution.

Embedding the nature and ethos of the company into yourself is also a good way of impressing those in positions of responsibility. If you can demonstrate a greater understanding of the company’s aims and processes and understand them as well as people in more senior positions, then you are strengthening your position at the company.

Suggestions and Contributions

When the time comes, you may even be able to suggest improvements in the way things are done. At the very least, when someone asks for ideas, you should be the one who contributes significantly. If the company decides that they need to outsource payroll functions or similar, then you might well be the one who finds themselves administering the process. That means a decent share of the credit too, which should strengthen your position.

Being resourceful and adding to your resume in other ways can also help boost your employability. If you have learned useful skills in other jobs which you have held, then make sure that management know about them. You might well have just the skills they require for a new post. Everything that you learn will be useful at some stage in your working life, so be prepared to work at different kinds of jobs in your career. You never know when the skills might be useful to you.

Covering For Others

It can also help if you demonstrate willingness to cover for other members of staff. Events such as maternity leave, long term illness or financial pressure can sometimes see gaps appearing in the work roster. If you can show that you are able to assimilate other tasks into your own schedule and complete work competently and on time, then you are making yourself even more valuable to the company.

When it comes to retaining your job, there is nothing else that can help like old fashioned hard work and willingness, coupled with a willingness to learn. The more skilled and knowledgeable you are, the better it is for your long term work prospects. Show commitment and demonstrate loyalty and you may well be set for a long career.

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