Preparing For the Famed ‘Weakness’ Job Interview Question

Preparing For the Famed 'Weakness' Job Interview Question

Her are a few tips on how to prepare yourself for interviewers asking the inevitable question about your weaknesses.

Preparing for job interviews can be quite a nerve-wracking story particularly when you know that regardless of the same job interview questions asked, such as the infamous ‘weakness’ question, you’re never sure if you’re answering correctly. It’s difficult to gauge the interviewer because you never know if what you’re saying is going to get you the job, or doom your chances altogether. Here are a few tips to dealing with the horrible ‘what is your weakness’ question.

Show Humour

Obviously you will need to gauge the interviewer as some of them don’t have a sense of humour, but most try to make you feel comfortable. Once the job interview questions start you’re already dreading the universal question of ‘What is your weakness?’ Don’t stress too much about it because some answers go along the lines of ‘I’m a terrible cook,’ or ‘I can’t whistle.’

Show Tenacity

In answering the interview questions you are showing your personal brand, and if you give examples of how you are learning to overcome a weakness by tackling it head-on, this is a good indication of not bending in the face of a challenge, and every employer likes that.

No Negativity

Never answer the job interview questions with something that sets off alarm bells. The ‘weakness’ question can easily open the ‘exit’ door and you don’t want to do that so stay away from anything negative and mentioning a weakness that involves working with colleagues and bosses. If you can explain a weakness that was overcome in the workplace, then it’s fine, but be sure there is a positive outcome.

Show Strength

Job interview questions are not only centred around the negative ‘weakness’ question, but if you want to somehow show that you are a strong personality then highlight your strengths and between that tell them your weakness but also explain how you overcame that. The last impression you do want to leave is one of being a strong character who can deal with adversity.

Exude Confidence

The important thing to remember when answering job interview questions is that these are used as a gauge to determine how well you carry yourself and what kind of personal brand you project. Be concise and straight to the point. Many people talk the hind legs of a donkey when they get nervous and the more you say, the more mistakes you make.

The important thing to remember is that if the job is meant for you, you will get it but you need to prepare for what can often feel like an interrogation. Be calm, cool and collected, and most importantly, prepare for your job interview questions like you would an exam, and you’ll be fine.


This has been a Guukle guest post

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who recently did some work for a Hong Kong office rental. There was no interview process as she was temping, but she did watch the candidates fidget with nerves, and after asking them how it went, many claimed that the ‘weakness’ question was often their stumbling block.