How do you Negotiate when you Absolutely have to get the Deal done

How to Negotiate when you Absolutely have to get the Deal done

A guide to help those who are placed in a negotiation that they just have to close. We look at common sense advice and little tricks on how to negotiate

Whenever you enter into a negotiation you would always like to have room for manoeuvre but there are times when there are no options other than taking what is offered as your situation is so desperate that you must get this deal signed off on. In that unfortunate case it is essential that you do not show your hand. You know what the outcome is going to be but you still want to get out of there in as best shape as possible. Here are a few tips on how best to survive this less than ideal situation.

Play it cool: The most important thing here is for you to enter into the negotiation as though there is no extra pressure on you. This is simply another run of the mill of the negotiation in which both parties need to make a little give and take. If you show the person you are negotiating with that you are in a difficult position, they will pounce on that and leave you with no option other than to take the deal they want to make you.

Understand who you are dealing with: In most cases you will have experience of having dealt with this person before. You need to take advantage of this knowledge to think of exactly what it is that would be attractive to them. Tempt them with something that you know they could use and present it as a gesture of good will. You are doing them a favour as you enjoy doing business with them, not because you are desperate!

Ask for more: Perhaps the only way you are going to get exactly what you want in this situation is for you to ask for more at the outset. In doing this you will be seen to have compromised from your original position when it comes to making the deal. If you can do this graciously and offer something to the other person, your chances of success will be much greater.

Don’t be afraid to be pushy: In some negotiations one party can take the lead and lay out exactly what they need and when they need it to be done by. This is a risky tactic as the other person could just flat out reject your rush, but there will be cases where this works and you literally overwhelm your adversary into accepting your terms. If it fails you’re in an even worse situation. If it works, you’ll be the toast of your company for a long while.

Be Honest: Not all negotiations need to be confrontational. If you need something done in conjunction with a long term business partner, honesty may be the best route to take. Tell them you are in a bit of a bind and that you need a little help in this instance. As long as you haven’t misjudged the nature of your relationship this should allow things to be resolved quickly, successfully, and amicably. Good luck!

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