Attracting the Attention of Executive Search Specialists

Attracting the Attention of Executive Search Specialists

For many individuals, getting noticed by executive search specialists can make the difference between landing a lucrative job or continuing to flounder.

We live in a world that is increasingly defined by competition in the employment industry. This is particularly relevant for those wishing to attract the attention of executive search specialists. For many individuals, getting noticed by such headhunters can make the difference between landing a lucrative and rewarding job or continuing to flounder between different job portals; never seeming to make any noticeable impact. Therefore, it is important for those seeking to heighten their visibility to employ a few proven techniques that will help gain both credibility and exposure in this competitive arena.

Increase Physical Visibility

One of the best offline methods to help gain the attention of the executive industry is to proactively engage in any relevant events and conferences. In these days of online networking, many individuals erroneously believe that such efforts have been replaced by an online presence, but nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, developing physical relationships via a firm handshake and an exchange of business cards will leave a much greater impression on an executive recruiter than a static online webpage.

Seek Professional Recognition Through Endorsements

General knowledge is always superseded by specialised expertise. Executives are much more likely to take notice of a potential candidate should he or she not only have a general business knowledge but also possess discreet skills in a certain area that can be endorsed. This represents the power of networking. A candidate should seek out powerful references that are willing to vouch for a certain talent when called upon. In fact, an increasing number of professional positions require third-party recommendations before hiring an individual. Therefore, it is important to build up a reputable list of contacts that can attest to experience and reliability.

Utilise the Power of Social Networking

While the efficacy of physical networking and contacts cannot be understated, many executive recruiters are now employing the power of social networks. However, it must be noted here that not all networks are the same. Some of the more “casual” platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are rarely effective in attracting executive-level attention. Sites such as LinkedIn that are geared towards this professional communication are much more of a viable option. Companies can see reputable contacts, work experience, endorsements and any additional skill sets. As a standalone platform, this “virtual resume” can vastly increase executive level exposure.

Finally, never forget that one’s effort may very well determine whether or not one is hired for a desired position. In fact, many executives are quite impressed when a candidate shows up at an office on his or her own accord with a resume in hand and requests an interview. Such traditional resilience can leave a lasting impression, and if combined with the other methods previously mentioned, the perfect executive position may be much closer than ever imagined.


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Stanley Albrighton has worked in the executive search industry for several years and has enjoyed working alongside a number of important organisations. He currently works for Marble Hill Partners.

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