How To Reduce Employee Stress

How To Reduce Employee Stress

No matter how good an employer you might be, you will probably find that at some point you will have to deal with stressed out employees. It is the nature of things that from time to time people have problems or they fall ill and all you can really do is to implement things that will help to reduce employee stress in the workplace.

Most people want to work in an environment that is as stress free as possible; after all they spend a good part of their day at work. If you can make the work and the workplace as enjoyable and as free from stress as possible, not only will you have a happier workforce, it will save you money in days lost to stress related sick days.

Giving Feedback 

Many people constantly worry that they are not doing their job as well as their employer would want, even though this is not necessarily the case. People do worry about work and about how well they do, the best way for you to limit that stress as much as you can is to give them regular feedback on what they are doing.

For some years the majority of large companies now have processes and protocols in place whereby an employee will meet with their employer or their line manager on a regular basis. These meetings allow the person in charge to make a proper appraisal of how the person is doing and to give them feedback and where appropriate praise for the work that person is doing.

Comfortable Working Environments

Most people place a lot of store on their working environment, because they spend a great deal of time in the place. Try to ensure that your staff members have the right kind of equipment for the job, that where possible office seating etc is ergonomic, thus placing less stress on the person’s back.

Make sure that your place of business has adequate lighting; people need to be able to see what they are doing. Don’t allow the office to become too cramped, people do not like falling over piles of box files and paper work because there is not enough room to store them properly. Make sure that your offices are cleaned regularly; nobody wants to work in a dirty environment. People much prefer coming to work when they know that they will be comfortable and that their manager/employer cares about that comfort.

The Cost of Stress

Employee stress can create a lot of problems for your company; figures suggest that hundreds of work days are lost due to stress at work. It makes financial and business sense to do all that you can to reduce the amount of stress among your work force. Many sick days, experts say, are a direct result of how an employee feels at work, and whether they believe that their employer cares.

Show that you care about stress in the work place by implementing some of the ideas above. Most company heads and managers find that when they implement positive action to reduce stress factors, their workforce is not only happier, it is also more productive.


Written by Crispin Jones who is an experienced manager and enjoys sharing his experience with other managers. This post is written for Name Badges International