Coaching, Leadership And The Art Of Doing

Coaching, Leadership And The Art Of Doing

We take a closer look at effective leadership and the role of executive coaching.

All commerce eventually boils down to interactions between people. Supervisors and middle managers often face pressures from executives to improve the productivity of personnel under their control. In turn, executives face pressures from shareholders for continuous quarterly growth. This leads to a tendency for some managerial staff to focus more on the numbers than his or her staff. Successful managers need to learn leadership and interpersonal skills.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills come in various forms. The ability to motivate employees is a necessary attribute of being a leader. Unfortunately, it can be difficult. Every person is unique and will be motivated in a different manner. Many studies have been done on the matter and employees generally respond well to social job benefits such as positive feedback and clear objectives. However, a sales staff receiving low commissions may be more receptive to adjustments in their compensation packages. Managers must know what their employees hope to get out of their position besides a single paycheck.

Interdepartmental friction is certainly an unnecessary drain on corporate resources, but merely avoiding conflict is not the end goal. Managers must also promote teamwork at every opportunity. Cooperation with employees and constructive criticism from managerial staff improves the employee’s productivity and the quality of his or her work. Initiatives that are aimed at increasing knowledge and resource sharing can easily fail without clear objectives.

Interpersonal Skills

Any supervisor or manager must have well-developed interpersonal skills. Clear communication is essential; few things will drain productivity and morale like vague directives. If the employees do not know what actions to take and if their questions directed toward managers are not being answered in a forthright manner, employees will be unable to complete the manager’s objectives. Ensuring that the employee fully understands his or her duties is a significant reason why managers should demand status reports on important projects.

Merely communicating clearly is not always sufficient, however. Managers should also be capable of projecting empathy. From time to time, employers must make difficult personnel decisions and decisions regarding projects that an employee may have been counting on for career advancement. Managers may also need to correct employee misconduct. Such matters must be handled delicately, as the wrong statement could result in a lawsuit against the company for wrongful termination.

Personal Executive Coaching

Literature can only teach a person so much about how people interact and respond to different policies and instructions. Teaching leadership and interpersonal skills often requires the assistance of a mentor. Since many individuals were not blessed with a mentor to assist them in obtaining a supervisory or managerial position, not every manager will understand how to motivate and how to direct employees, regardless of how many books they have read.

This is where a personal executive coach comes into the picture. For example, a personal executive coach Toronto-based, offers the personal touch necessary to help new managers or even experienced managers who wish to sharpen their skills improve the productivity and morale of employees beneath them on the organizational chart. People attempting to learn a new skill often do not realize that they are making mistakes or how to correct them. An executive coach helps students identify their problem areas so that they can improve. This cannot be taught or shown from a book.

Few people in this world are born with natural leadership and motivational skills, and those who aren’t will spend much of their professional careers honing these skills and learning new techniques. Coaches can provide a means of learning that often cannot be found in the pages of a book, or in a few hours at a management development seminar. For those in managerial positions they can help find the focus they need to become effective and productive leaders. 

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