3 Specialties With High Demand For Nurses

3 Specialties With High Demand For Certified Nurses

There will always be an extremely high demand for certified nurses.

The nursing field is wide open today. There are so many open positions in nursing, and there aren’t nearly enough qualified people to fill those positions. Due to the aging population and the amount of chronic diseases that people have, there will always be an extremely high demand for certified nurses. Certain specialties are currently in a severe shortage. If you’re going through nursing school right now, you have a ton of options for your career path. You could get one of these jobs in any state in the country as long as you fit the qualifications. Consider one of these three specialties for your nursing career.

Certified Dialysis Nurse

This particular specialty is one of the fastest-growing specialties in the nursing field. A certified dialysis nurse aids patients who have kidney problems. Some people have a kidney that doesn’t work properly, and they must be drained by dialysis machines to remove waste from their bodies. A certified dialysis nurse can get a job in any hospital, nursing home, and even on a cruise ship. Special dialysis clinics give the nurses in this specialty great working hours. Hospital shifts can be extremely long, but a dialysis nurse works a forty hour week on most occasions. All you need in addition to an RN license is 2,000 hours of experience working with patients who need dialysis and a special course in nephrology. There’s also a certification test that they have to pass after taking the course to make sure they know what they’re doing. Typical salaries of certified dialysis nurses average in the 60,000 to 70,000 dollars per year range.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

If you don’t want to work in a hospital, you could take advantage of a gigantic need for certified legal nurse consultants. Have you ever been interested in how the legal side of nursing works? This might be the job for you. You get to lend your expertise in nursing to an attorney for malpractice lawsuits. You might also work for private corporations, government agencies, and insurance companies.

Certified legal nurse consultants typically conduct research to find out the validity of a lawsuit’s claim. They also locate witnesses, review medical records, and determine the standard of care that a patient received during a stay in the hospital. You don’t need a Bachelor of Science in nursing to have one of these positions, but you do need a current RN license. You’ll also have to take courses that are specifically designed to teach you how your nursing expertise translates into the legal profession. You’ll learn how to work with attorneys and other legal personnel in real legal situations. Salaries are typically between 60,000 and 65,000 dollars per year for these positions.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Have you ever been excited about the prospects of delivering babies? You’ll do that and much more as a certified nurse midwife. These positions are always in demand since people give birth to new babies every day. In addition to delivering babies, certified nurse midwives also perform gynecological exams on females. They also specialize in postnatal and prenatal care, and they help families with education about healthy babies. A midwife can perform their duties in a hospital, at a clinic, or even in a home. You’ll need a Master’s of Science in nursing to get one of these positions. The salaries for certified nurse midwives typically fall between 80,000 and 85,000 dollars per year. Because of the very nature of the jobs they perform, certified nurse midwives will always be in high demand. Qualified applicants for these positions face very favorable chances at getting jobs in the foreseeable future.


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