5 Big Mistakes A Boss Should Never Make If He Wants To Be Successful

5 Big Mistakes A Boss Should Never Make If He Wants To Be Successful

Having a great boss is one of the best things in the world. People actually enjoy going into work every day and they don’t spend nearly as much time messing around.

Because they like their boss they want to make him proud. The company ends up making much more money and it’s a great environment to work in. Most companies out there can only dream of having this much success and it’s all your fault.

It’s your fault because you are the boss and you’re not doing a good enough job. It’s nothing to feel bad about because nobody is perfect, but you have to accept you still have a lot to learn. I want to talk to you about some of the big mistakes other people make because you will know to avoid them at all costs.

People deserve some time off

Everyone in the world is entitled to time off, so don’t make someone feel bad when they go on vacation. If you can’t let someone have a holiday on a certain date you can tell them and they will choose another date, but making them feel bad because it was busy while they were gone is not a good idea. If they can’t volunteer for overtime it’s also none of your business and you will have to find someone else to do it. Anything could be going on at home that you don’t know about.

They know you pay their salaries

You can’t always make someone do something if they don’t want to do it. It’s obvious nobody can refuse to do something they’ve been employed to do, but they can refuse to do something completely different. You can’t expect someone to be happy when you tell them to wash your car. Don’t tell them you pay their salary so they should obey your orders because it will kill any respect they have for you. They know you pay their salary, but you can’t use that to force them to do anything.

Completely ignore their complaints

If you want to make someone feel special you should completely ignore anything they say to you. If they have a complaint you should ask them to write it down. Once they give you it just leave it on your desk for months. People need someone who will listen to them, or they will find it very hard to enjoy their job. Nobody is saying you must agree with what they’re saying, but if you completely ignore them you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Don’t waste money when times are hard

When you are making lots of money you can spend as much as you want, but learn to control your spending when times are hard. It’s your money and you can do what you want with it, but if you want to be a good boss you won’t spend money on useless furniture a week after telling people they won’t get a nice bonus. If you don’t have money your employees will understand, but they won’t like you messing them around.

We’ve always done things this way

I don’t know how long you’ve been running your company, but times change and processes can to. You might have done something a certain way forever, but it doesn’t mean there is not an easier and more cost-effective way to do it. If your employees have an idea you should listen to them instead of demanding things get done the old way, or you will make a lot less money and people will feel powerless in their job.

Room for improvement

Maybe you’re not guilty of these things, but I bet you’re guilty of something because we all are. If you want to take your company to the next level it’s a lot easier to do it when you have lots of eager employees in your corner. Now go away and make a lot more money.

Today’s guest author, Luke Harvard, is an employee at i.fresh strata, which offers body corporate management services. Whenever he isn’t busy, he enjoys spending time with his family and travelling to different places.