10 Best Civilian Jobs For Army Personnel

10 Best Civilian Jobs For Army Personnel

In tough economic times, employers prefer to obtain value-for-money services from their employees and seek people who have experience and will contribute to their business immediately.

The Army is more or less structured like a company; hierarchy, structure and procedures, thus the experience one receives during service often makes acquiring a job after the Army much easier. Men and women who leave the military face a host of other challenges when they return to civilian life. These are some of the best jobs to pursue if you are leaving the military.

1. Management consultant

Companies are very keen on improving their performance at a low cost. The main duty of a management consultant includes identifying and analyzing any existing organizational problems and developing plans for improvement. A vet with experience in management positions can incorporate his knowledge to improve the company’s efficiency, growth and profit through accurate data gathering, thorough analysis and valuable recommendations.

2. Program Mgr., Aviation/Aerospace

Program manager is responsible for organizing, planning and supervising a program as well as evaluating the job being done and reporting to a senior manager. There are a lot of employers in the defense industry that seek to hire personnel that have both security clearance and experience to manage human resources. By having worked in the Army, you are already certified and that experience makes everything easier. As a big plus, your military training integrates well with the aviation and aerospace job requirements.

3. Training & Development Specialist

Your duties and responsibilities will include, offer specific training programs to help workers and clients  improve their skills, monitor, evaluate and record training activities and program effectiveness, coordinate recruitment and placement of training program participants and monitor training costs to ensure budget is not exceeded, and prepare reports to justify expenditures.

4. Senior Policy Analyst

Senior policy analysts develop and advise on policies regarding the design, implementation and modification of operations and programs within a company. You are responsible for reviewing existing policies and legislation to identify anomalies and out-of-date provisions, developing and analyzing policy options, advising on preferred options, and preparing briefing papers and recommendations for policy changes. The working areas you can find a job are Law, Administration and Sales, Business, Security, and Defense.

5. Information Security Analyst

Information security is vital in every company. Military experience is sought in the field due to the training and knowledge of a vet to handle sensitive and classified information. You will be responsible for protecting all sensitive information within a company. You will have to develop reports to share with senior management about the efficiency of security policies and recommend any changes and plan and record all security information in the company.

6. Business Development Director

You will be responsible to improve an organization’s market position and achieve financial growth. Indicatively, the job responsibilities will be pursuing sales leads and prospective clients, delivering proposals and presentations, and negotiating and closing business deals; and building and maintaining significant client relationships.

7. Contract Specialist

A contract specialist is about handling everything regarding a contract between clients and contractors. Your main responsibility will be to negotiate, administer, extend, terminate, and renegotiate contracts in regards to profitability and legal compliance. Additional duties may contain serving as liaison officer to ensure fulfillment of obligations by contractors and arbitrate claims or complaints occurring in performance of contracts.

8. Logistics Specialist

In this position, you will be accountable for the shipment and transport of goods. You will need to communicate with persons outside the company, communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates; assess the value, importance, or quality of things or people; and analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution and solve problems. Within the company, you will have to join forces with other divisions as required, to meet client requirements, to gain advantage of sales prospects or, in case of deficit, to minimize adverse impacts.

9. Facility Security Officer

A facility security officer’s job is a sensitive position that often requires security clearance. The duties include developing, implementing, revising and maintaining the security plans for a facility. Implement facility access control measures and protection procedures in accord with corporate plans and strategies, including preparation and execution of practices for safeguarding all classified material which the facility is responsible for.

10. Probation Officer

The probation officer works with individuals who are serving probation instead of jail time. Responsibilities include providing meaningful aid to the court in its decisions and deliberations pertaining to criminal offenders.  He aids offenders in obtaining jobs, maintains communication with business establishments and recruitment agencies, and arranges for job interviews, and counsels and recommends offenders for specialized medical or psychological assistance services at guidance centers, psychological health clinics, and other such related organizations.

Even if most of the people don’t know it, the Army provides experience in many fields that can be utilized after your service is over. Such fields are HR, Management, Security and Safety, Logistics and can be proficient in handling the latest Technology. You can find a lot of job opportunities if you just know where to look!


Author Bio: Ronald Alexander has been a professional journalist for 10 years now, and currently works as a career consultant with PTnet.com, educating aspirants on personal training courses.