Power Words That Make Your Resume Proactive

Career employment is a thing of the past. The average company in the U.S. is only 15 years old. In 1975, the average company was 58 years old. The average ‘permanent’ job in the U.S. lasts two-and-a-half to three years. We are now a global economy that depends on each other which is essentially making each nation a community of itinerant workers. You contract yourself out on mid – long term contracts, and in this [...]


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My Name is Smith. I’m an MBA and I’m Unemployed

Months after obtaining the coveted MBA you are still an unemployed MBA student. When you can’t put your knowledge to great and immediate use, what do you do? You are on your couch flicking channels on the TV, chips nearby, soda in hand and during one of the commercial breaks your mind wonders and have you suddenly reflect on the fact that it’s been six months since you got your coveted MBA certificate from the [...]


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The Master’s Degree – the Intermediate Step

If you are just entering collage from high school or perhaps you are returning to school to earn another degree, you may have heard of the Master’s Degree which is offered in a wide number of subjects. A Master’s Degree is the intermediate step between the Bachelor’s Degree and the Doctorate. The exact definition of a Master’s Degree is an academic degree that is granted to those who have studied and demonstrated a mastery of [...]


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Using the 4 Major Social Media Platforms to Get the Perfect Job

Social media is, and has been for a long time, a major force in the daily life of most people for planning, networking and entertainment in every aspect of their life. It has its pros, and its cons, but there seems to be a huge barrier with social media where it cannot be seen as anything other than a calendar or rumour mill, when it is capable of so much more. Realizing that it can [...]


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We take a look at the Top 10 Job Search Engines on the Net

Finding a job can be a tall order in today’s economy. To search for the right job means using the internet to find the best job available which means using job search engines. Naturally, there are big differences between job search engines as well. Knowing the best job search engines on the internet can help you find the type of good quality jobs that are out there. Here is a list of the top 10 [...]


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Crack the Code.. the behavioral interview questions

Today, more employers are using behavior interview questions to gauge potential employees as to how well they will react when in certain situations. Given that many potential employees will have similar backgrounds, education and experiences, employers are looking for the intangibles through behavior interview questions. Here are some of the more typical behavior interview questions that many employers will ask. Knowing the general direction that these questions will cover, you can be better prepared to [...]


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How Do You Think Like An Entrepreneur?

They are all from different backgrounds. They are different ages. They are men, women, young, old and unique. You find them in the office before you get there and they are still sitting there when you leave at night. They measure everything and leave nothing looked over. If you look beyond the strategic and systematic side of most entrepreneurs there lays a thought process that drives their almost insane dedication forward. Sound familiar to you? [...]


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How to Use Social Media to Make a Lasting Impression on Recruiters

Social media can make or break your job prospects, and that impact reaches far beyond LinkedIn. If your Twitter or Facebook accounts present unpleasant, distasteful, or controversial content then it could be the kiss of death in terms of getting a job. On the other hand, a successful social media “campaign” can help propel you to the front of the pack and give you an edge during interviews. How do you make the most of [...]


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Using the Art of Networking to Secure Your Next Job

When people mention the words ‘networking’ and ‘job prospects’ in the same sentence, it’s usually met with a sharp intake of breath and a visible wince. Networking can appear arrogant and scary, but with a premeditated plan of action it can become seamless and natural. If you are looking for a new job then practicing the age old art of networking is one of the best ways to increase your chances of success quickly and [...]


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Top 6 Student Nightmares

Image by Bart Everson Being a student is a load of fun, but with it comes a few hefty burdens. And a few foreboding nightmares. So what are they? What do students worry about? How about the top 6 student nightmares: 1) Deadlines There’s nothing worse than being handed freedom on a platter and then having it taken away by lists of deadlines. Exams, tests and projects – both oral and written – are part [...]


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